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Quintet for Piano and Strings

Violin, viola, cello, bass, piano. 


Here is a recording of the premiere performance with Francesca Anderegg, violin, Leonard Schranze, viola, Astrid Schween, cello, Lawrence Hurst, bass, and Erin Bennett, piano. Please forgive slight out-of-sync from m.7 - m.12. N.B. Certain bass pizz's have been changed to arco since this performance. See score.
If you're not seeing the audio player below, it means that your browser is not up to date. I recommend Google Chrome. You can download it by clicking here

And here's a performance from my alma mater, IU, with
Jiajia Xia, violin
Ursula Steele, viola
SeungAh Hong, cello
Per Bj
örkling, bass
Nicole Ying, piano

Click here for score.