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String Quartet #2

I don't normally like to say much about my music, since I'd like to believe that it speaks for itself. Nevertheless, I think a few words are necessary for my second quartet.
There are two motivations behind the first movement, which is in pure Romantic style. The first is to express my idea that music is simply frequencies impinging on the
eardrums and anything else, including time of composition, is irrelevant. The second is to see if something can be written today in an older style and still be fresh and convincing.

The second movement is atonal but employs mainly triadic harmony. I believe this is an uncommon combination. My intent was to create something very emotionally moving.

The third and fourth movements are atonal and harmonically atriadic. I believe the harmony is nevertheless intuitively comprehensible and meaningful.

Computer performance except for Movement 1, from a concert from Chamber Music from the Scarab Club in Detroit.

If you're not seeing the audio player below, it means that your browser is not up to date. I recommend Google Chrome. You can download it by clicking here


Click here for score.